Oh, hello there.  I'm happy to see you're here.  I guess first thing's first, my name is Alex (Greg if you want to be formal).  I've been behind a camera over half my life at this point and that margin is absolutely going to keep growing.  Originally I moved to Detroit to study car design at university, but that's not exactly what I ended up doing.  Somewhere along the way my love for photography and CGI outgrew my desire to design and I decided to follow my heart, what felt inherently right.  For the most part i've been going with the flow and meeting incredible people along the way who will connect me with clients because hard selling myself has never quite been my style.  I've always tried to boost local talent as much as I can and believe that as a whole the photography community is always better off with people sharing knowledge.  I am always open to questions whether it's technique or inquiries about photoshoots.  My main contact info is below, so reach out however you're most comfortable.

I may as well include some current or past clients:

Porsche North America

Rivian Automotive

Platinum Motorcars Detroit

Milspec Automotive

Cauley Ferrari

Crown Rally

M1 Concourse

1016 Industries


Adam's Polishes

HP Tuners

9 Design 

Phone - (704) 620-0720

Email - Tillmanlightdrawing@gmail.com

Instagram - @Tillman_Light_Drawing

Oak Park, MI